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  • BigStream Streamlines iOS Streaming

    Bigstream, a soon-to-be released device for iOS, will provide an incredibly simple way for users to stream their screen output to an external display. It's offering features similar to Apple TV's AirPlay, with some more particular add-ons.


Bigstream plugs directly into the 30 pin dock connector and wirelessly transmits signal to a receiver which is connected to the external display via a composite cable. The company says this reduces latency. Why is this device different from the Apple TV? They're touting that the device can work in tandem with the 2nd gen Apple TV, but Bigstream offers a couple advantages not seen currently on Apple's tiny streaming device. 

    First, Bigstream requires almost no setup, as the connection is ad-hoc. There's no need to connect to a wireless network, which the company says is great for the device's portability. You can easily use the device in your home and then bring it to a meeting or public place, and Bigstream will work just the same. Second, the device can display video from 3rd-party apps, and because there's almost no latency, it allows users to play games with an input device like another iOS device. The [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viVIRMXxXbY&feature=player_embedded"]demo[/ame] video shot at CES shows an iPad connected via BigStream, being controlled by an iPhone, something not possible at this point with the Apple TV.

    The device is $99 on BigStream's web site. They're also offering a device compatibility page to check if your devices will work with bigstream (it will actually work with the iPod nano as well as most iOS devices).

    Bigstream should be available in about a month.

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