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  • CDMA iPhone Could Become Major Mobile Player in Asia

    Apple may want to really ramp up iPhone production if the latest reports out of Asia are accurate. According to various published reports Thursday, the forthcoming release of the Verizon iPhone has enticed major cellular carriers in both China and India to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. As DigitTimes noted, Apple will need an unprecedented supply of iPhones to meet this demand, as the company is already scheduled to begin supplying the CDMA iPhone in massive numbers overseas this year, including to Japan and South Korea.

    China Telecom - the nation's third largest mobile carrier - and India's Tata Teleservice are CDMA networks now believed to be in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to their networks. China Unicom, which is a competing GSM network, can barely accommodate the iPhone 4 orders presently on its slate. As demand for the touchscreen handset continues to grow, Apple - according to market analysts - will have no logical reason to exclude prominent CDMA networks in heavily populated locations throughout Asia.

    Verizon's announcement Tuesday rocked the mobile industry in the US. And it now appears that Apple's foray into CDMA territory will lead to record iPhone production and sales across the global landscape. In the United States alone, the CDMA iPhone is expected to double the number of current iPhone users in the market, according to the same report from DigiTimes.

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