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  • Is Apple Linked to Publishing Partnership for New Digital Store?

    Apple Insider is confirming the rumors that have circulated for weeks regarding a powerhouse partnership among some of the biggest names in publishing.

    According to this morning's confirmation, Condé Nast, Hearst, News Corporation, Time Inc., and Meredith are in business together and will agree on "open standards for a new digital storefront."

    The five publishers said the independent venture will "allow consumers to enjoy their favorite media content on portable digital devices." As was reported in November, the consortium will be run in the interim by John Squires, former executive vice president with Time Inc.
    Although there was little talk of Apple in today's announcement, don't fool yourself. A tablet device out of Cupertino seems all but certainly linked to the forthcoming digital storefront. In early 2009, Apple is believed to have begun contacting some (if not all) of the publishers now partnering in this new endeavor. Testing the waters about the prospect of bringing a host of popular print publications to the touchscreen device, some see Apple written all over to day's announcement.

    Publishers intend to create a reading application that can render the "distinct look and feel" of specific publications and can be optimized for a number of devices with different operating systems and screen sizes. The plan also includes a consumer storefront with an "extensive selection" of products, and will also allow "innovative advertising opportunities."
    The five publishers in the new pact have a cumulative reading audience of 144.6 million. AS mobile content grows increasingly more commonplace and popular, it's understandable that today's publishing powers want to remain both viable and relevant as the nature of media rapidly changes forever. This venture proves the eagerness of its participants to get on board the evolution now taking place before the opportunity to do so passes.

    Interestingly, all of the partners in the new digital store have also presented their own, individual plans for digital subscriptions. Hearst has said it will launch a service sometime in 2010, while Time Inc. has been showing off a tablet-friendly magazine concept.
    Although details on the digital storefront are still a little foggy, it's expected that the store will exclusively offer magazine and newspaper content at first. From there, expansion into everything from cook books to graphic novels will likely be put in motion.

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