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  • Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Mobile Processors Released

    image via Electronica

    Intel unveiled its Core i7 Mobile Processor this week at Intel Developer Forum 2009. The quad-core processors, Intel's first offering of the Nehalem technology for laptop use, boasts "Turbo Boost Technology" to accelerate processor clock speed up to 75% when needed, and better performance on multi-threaded applications. There is no currently known roadmap for adoption of the new chips on Apple hardware, but it seems a natural fit to leverage Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL under Snow Leopard.

    The Core i7-720 processor with a base frequency of 1.60 GHz base frequency can ramp dynamically to a maximum Turbo frequency of 2.80 GHz, and the 1.73 GHz Core i7-820 can boost up to 3.06GHz. Intel claims "up to 81% faster video encoding" based on the HDXPRT 2009 test, which also benchmarks music encoding, photo and video editing, and High Definition video playback.

    The chip is also touted as a major improvement for game technology, with "31% improvement in artificial intelligence for game characters" and more "realistic physics for game worlds," according to the 3DMark Vantage CPU test.

    Major manufacturers like ASUS and Dell have already announced laptops with the new processor.
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