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  • iLife 09 Keynote Details

    Learn to play a D. Garage Band makes Guitar Heroes into guitar heroes.

    iLife 09 will be avaliable later in January with major updates to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand.

    iPhoto 09

    Faces. iPhoto knows who you're watching.

    • Faces. Automatically identifies individual faces in your Library and tags them so you don't have to go through a ton of pictures trying to find someone. Add peoples names while you're at it.
    • Places. Geotagging. Lots of new camera (and the iPhone) insert geo tags into the digital photos. Now iPhoto uses these geotags. Location of Photos is given now. Can make a map of where all your photos were taken (via google maps) etc.
    • Facebook. Automatically upload your pictures to Facebook to share with friends/family/stalkers. Faces is integrated in there so you people looking at your photo can add someone's name in the image tag and it will add that name to your iPhoto library.
    • Flickr. Automatically upload your photos to Flickr via iPhoto. Oh and Flickr supports geotagging and will sync across to iPhoto.
    • Themes. New themes added to iPhoto.

    iMovie 09

    Man I hate blurry photos. The new iMovie rights most of the wrongs the last one did.

    They have added "so much depth and so much power" everyone will be blown away. New editor with a more powerful and advanced editor. "SO MUCH POWER but it is still incredibly easy to use"

    • Precision editor. Time line for audio and video making cutting neater and tighter.
    • Drag and Drop. Easy drag and drop audio and video and splice them together however you want. drag and drop. intuitive. looks extremely easy to use. Can also skim through footage and easily see what happened just before and just after your edit allowing you to easily change as needed.
    • Automatic video stabalization where iMovie will stabalize your video and get rid of jitters. Turn the video taken while driving down a bumpy road into smooth cinematic precision.
    • Travel maps. Animated 2d or 3d maps where you enter in the start and end points and it animates a line of your journey.
    • The project library has also been redone to organize everything more logically

    iMovie has a cool feature where you tell it where you started and ended your trip, and it makes an animated globe - very Indiana Jones-esque, minus the airplanes.

    GarageBand 09

    Sting sings simple songs. You learn them on guitar. $4.99.

    The main thing with GarageBand 09 is a new POWERFUL feature to help spread the joy of music. In GarageBand you can now learn to play the piano or the guitar. The lessons go at the pace you decided and have an on screen teach and on screen simulation of the instrument showing you fingerings etc. Included are 9 free piano lessons and 9 free guitar lessons. Once you have advanced past the free lessons you can continue your progress buy purchasing new lessons off of iTunes.

    Also there are special celebrity musician lessons where famous artists teach you how to play one of their songs. For the guitar there are artists like Sting, Fall out boys, and John Fogerty. For piano you can choose from One Republic, Norah Jones, and more. These cost $4.99 each via iTunes.

    Learn to play a D. Garage Band makes Guitar Heroes into guitar heroes.


    To upgrade your current iLife it costs $79 with a family pack (5 upgrades) costing $99. The new Mac Box bundle includes iLife, iWork, and OS X Leopard for $169.
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