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  • AT&T iPhone Owners Top Verizon iPhone Owners in Wi-Fi Usage

    An interesting new study from Mobclix indicates that AT&T iPhone owners use Wi-Fi more than individuals with a Verizon iPhone. Still, despite the Verizon iPhone being available for only one month, Mobclix’s data reveals that larger metropolitan cities already boast a higher Verizon iPhone usage - a reality that that may be a greater insult to AT&T than a compliment to Verizon.

    The top cities with the most documented Verizon iPhone usage (across the Mobclix exchange) are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York City and Boston. That's certainly not a small list of prominent big cities where Verizon has gained a leg up on rival AT&T, a carrier that - as we know - has endured its fair share of complaints about quality reception in large, heavily populated metropolitan areas.

    All told, the Mobclix survey shows that AT&T iPhone customers use Wi-Fi an average of 53% of the time vs 38% Verizon iPhone owners. Additionally, 2 out of 3 AT&T customers who switched to Verizon's iPhone coughed up the termination fee ($325) to do so. Interestingly enough, the three paramount reasons given by AT&T customers for their switch to Verizon are: "reception issues, personal hot spot and reputation."

    14% of iPhone 4 users are now on the Verizon network, Mobclix says, which - in total - only accounts for 4% of all iPhone users. But despite the small percentage of iPhone owners on the Verizon network today, Verizon's acquisition of the popular Apple handset is seen as both a tremendous short-term and long-term setback to AT&T, which all but certainly pushed its hush-hush plans to acquire T-Mobile into high gear as a result.

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