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  • Flash 10.1 Released, No Mac H.264 Acceleration Yet

    Adobe has finally released an official 10.1 update to Flash Player six months after the initial beta back in November, and two months since the release candidate went live. The security holes noted last week have all been fixed along with a long list of other identified bug fixes. Hardware acceleration for Mac OS X is not yet supported, nor is the Mac version of the Chrome browser. Adobe is still at work on the "Gala" version, which uses the discrete graphics on some Macs to accelerate Flash video.

    Flash Player 10.1 provides support for browser Privacy Mode, which honors the privacy settings of the browser that the plugin is running in and keeps Flash local data and browsing activity from being cached. However, Adobe says "this feature is supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer," meaning that "Flash cookies" will persist on every Mac OS X browser except Firefox.

    Last week, a "critical vulnerability" in the Flash Player candidate and earlier versions was discovered. This bug led to crashes and opened a potential security hole that let attackers take control of computers through malicious swf files or via PDFs with Flash malware embedded inside them. Adobe Reader and Acrobat, which have their own versions of Flash Player, are still vulnerable to these exploits. A patch is not expected until June 29.

    The Mac OS X Flash Player 10.1 release does not include hardware support for H.264 video acceleration, which is a feature Apple just opened APIs for in Mac OS X. However, the second preview release of "Gala" H.264 hardware decoding is available for download. The new code supports NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, GeForce 320M and GeForce GT 330M GPUs available on newer macs.
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