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  • CoolBooter ceases development

    CoolBooter, the utility for dualbooting different iOS versions, has ceased development.

    CoolBooter, the famous utility used for dualbooting different iOS versions on 32bit devices, is no longer being developed. The tool was incredibly advanced as you could switch between two completely different iOS versions, like iOS 6 and iOS 7, seamlessly by just rebooting your device and choosing which version you wanted to run on startup. CoolBooter became very popular among jailbreakers and was a way to bring back life into older devices, at least to some extent.

    The official CoolBooter Twitter tweeted the sad news that "CoolBooter development has been suspended indefinitely." The packages are still available at the CoolBooter repository at coolbooter.com

    This is sad, but expected news as the 32bit devices are getting older for every day that goes and support for them is slowly disappearing. Newer devices have no discovered iBoot exploits which allow these kind of modifications to the bootloader, and looking at how the Jailbreak community has been focusing on less powerful yet just as effective exploits in order to preserve the more powerful ones for further exploit research.
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