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  • Apple Maps in iOS 10 Will Remember Where You Parked Your Car

    Apple have implemented notifications on where you park your car into iOS 10.

    There are plenty of third-party solutions out there that aim to help, too, but if you prefer your car locating experience to be first party, Apple’s finally getting around to lending a helping hand. As discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple Maps in iOS 10 will remember where you parked your car, and even let you know where to find it, too.

    As reported by the publication, a notification appeared on an iPhone SE running the iOS 10 beta as soon as the phone was disconnected from CarPlay. iOS will also be aware of when the user enters or leaves their car, based on connecting or disconnecting to Bluetooth.

    Activating that notification will then open up Apple Maps, which will open a new Parked Car element within the application. From there the user can get directions back to their parked car, which is pinned, edit the location if it’s not quite right, and even add more context (like the parking lot number) if needed.

    Of course, iOS 10 is only available to developers right now. Public Beta will be released to the public very soon.
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