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  • Apple Watch Coach Bands Said to Launch on June 12
    Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 is scheduled to take place between June 13 and June 17. Ahead of that, though, new bands for the Apple Watch may be arriving.

    We’ve heard in the past that Coach, the popular designer, has plans to launch straps for Apple’s wearable. The most recent report showed off the new bands on Coach’s official website, without a price or a launch date, but at least confirming the new bands were on the way. Now, according to a report from David Boglin de Bautista of Haute Écriture, a launch date could be arriving right before WWDC 2016.

    The new report states that Coach’s official retail stores will begin receiving stock for the new bands soon, and that they will be launched on June 12. There will be three straps to choose from: Leather Strap with Charms, Wild Beast Camo, and Tea Rose Appliqué. Those three styles will be available in three colors each, which means there will be nine bands in total.

    In an interesting move, one sales representative did tell de Bautista that Coach is making the bands in relatively small quantities, and that they expect the bands to sell out quickly. The bands won’t be available online to start, which makes that aforementioned landing page a bit strange. However, they will be available in some stores in New York, California, and Nevada.

    [via Haute Ecriture]