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  • New Firmware Fixes Many iMac Flickering Problems; Apple Denies Production Stop

    A firmware update released by Apple fixes the display flickering of a majority of the 27-inch iMac who posted to an Apple support thread dedicated to the issue. Some users, however, still report that they are having flickering, and in addition new problems like "dropouts and surges in brightness" as well as "blackscreens." Meanwhile, Apple flatly denied that it had halted production of the 27-inch iMac, as turnaround times for new orders from the online Apple Store decreasing from three weeks to two weeks.

    Apple released the 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0 on Monday, six weeks after releasing the 27-inch iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 to deal with the persistent complaints of flickering, black banding, and yellowish tint to the LCD display. The earlier firmware update did not resolve many users' issues, and as the complaints grew, so did the shipping turnaround: to two weeks by December, and up to three weeks starting back on January 22.

    As reports spread of a production stop on the beleaguered iMac, an Apple spokesman came forward to publicly disavow any halt in the manufacturing of the popular computer. "The 27-inch iMac has been a huge hit with customers," the spokesman was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying, "and we are working to increase supply to meet up with strong demand."

    On the Apple support thread about the flickering issue - presently comprising well over four thousand posts - users were generally positive after applying the second update. "I have had the flickering problem from the start, and it was quite consistent in appearing every time the iMac had been turned on for about an hour," said one poster. "I could then cure it by letting the display sleep for a few seconds. After the update, which I did earlier today, I have not seen any flicker."

    Some owners of 21.5-inch iMacs have also complained of problems with their displays, but at nowhere near the frequency as with the 27-inch model.
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