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  • Leaked Screenshot Shows Whatsapp Having Video Call Feature

    Not long ago, popular messaging app Whatsapp added free voice calling after only having messaging available on its app. Now, it has been said that Whatsapp will be introducing FaceTime-like video calling as well soon. Voice calling for the company was introduced just early this year and it most likely had something to do with losing users to other apps that are able to voice and video call like WeChat, Viber, Tango, and more.

    According to Macerkopf.de, a screenshot of an iOS device using video call on Whatsapp was leaked online. The photo has a full-screen video call going on with a small inlaid video preview of the caller towards the bottom of the screen. This is similar to Apple’s FaceTime and Skype video call features. Apparently it will also let users to switch from the rear camera to front camera views and be usable on data connection and Wi-Fi.

    Whatsapp has yet to announce anything in regards to this leaked photo or when they will be releasing the new feature, but it is supposed to be in version of the iOS app’s update. However, due to the leaked image, we’re sure the feature will be sometime soon. Keep an eye out for the new Whatsapp update as it will likely have video calling added.

    Source: Macerkopf.de
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