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  • Google to Partner with Ford to Build Self-Driving Cars

    According to a recent report, Google will soon be one step closer to bringing its autonomous car technology to the consumer market as the company is teaming up with Ford on a project that could lead to automated ride sharing services. Yahoo Autos reports that the partnership is one that is mutually beneficial for both parties with Ford getting a boost in self-driving software development and Google gaining access to automobile manufacturing expertise that would be considered invaluable.

    It should be noted that Ford just earlier this month announced plans to begin field tests of prototype self-driving vehicles in California. Google on the other hand has a fleet of 53 cars that have together clocked in more than a million miles on public roads in San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

    The report continues by stating that Ford is looking to legally separate itself from the initiative to decrease exposure to liability. This move suggests the joint venture might be spun off as its own legal entity. A previous report claimed Google is planning to do pretty much the same thing and will formally break off into an Alphabet subsidiary next year. One thing that should be pointed out though is that Google’s partnership with Ford isn’t exclusive meaning that deals with other car manufacturers could easily be in the works as well.

    Both Google and Ford are expected to make the partnership announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

    For those of you who didn’t already know, self-driving cars have become somewhat of a hot topic for both automobile makers and technology companies. The world’s largest and most profitable tech company, Apple, is also rumored to be working on its own automobile project in secret.

    We’ll have to wait and see how this effects the automobile industry and what move Apple makes to gain a foothold in the space as well.

    Source: Yahoo Auto
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      Carvensno -
      They can make them, but what states are going to make them legal to drive? This car better have top grade redundancy for a back up system. These cars are going to give stupid people a excuse to text/talk on their phones.