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  • Apple Music Reportedly Saw About 54.5M Users Per Month in 2015

    Apple Music, the premier music-streaming service that apple introduced in iOS 8.4 with a completely redesigned music application built around new functionality and a streaming-based setting, has been one of the most popular ways to listen to music on iOS devices since its launch.

    Without a doubt, most iOS device users signed up for the free three-month trial when the service launched, and many of them hang onto their $10 per month subscription to continue using the service, while others chose to stay with competitors like Spotify.

    According to Nielsen's Top Smartphone Apps of 2015, Apple Music was the 9th most popular smartphone application of 2015 with over 54.5 million monthly users in 2015. It fell behind applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, and others.

    Apple Music continues to gain traction because of the perk of being built right into iOS itself without the need to download a third-party application from the iOS App Store. It's also nice how Apple Music integrates so much better into the operating system as a whole, which is probably why it's such a preference over third-party applications that Apple has locked out of its operating system except for where it wants to allow access.

    Source: Neilsen
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