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  • Divine Viewer Shows Off New iOS-Friendly Virtual Reality Goggles

    On Wednesday, Divine Viewer released what it calls a "premiere Virtual Reality headset" that is ready to rock and roll with most Android and iOS smartphone owners.

    Divine Viewer "makes virtual reality an accessible and affordable possibility by harnessing the power of smart phone."

    Compatible with iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 6 plus, and 6s plus, the hardware lets smartphone users experience virtual reality technology at a much lower cost than previously possible.

    The price tag? $64.95. Preorders have already started and the hardware is set to begin shipping January 1st (with free shipping, we're told).

    “The Divine Viewer is simple to use and isn’t as bulky or heavy as other virtual reality headsets," the company says. "Simply place your smartphone in the tray and adjust the lenses. Their distance from the screen and their distance from one another can be personalized. This level of customization and the 360 degree head tracking technology will give you the optimal VR viewing experience.”

    To learn more, check out Divine Viewer here.

    Source: Divine Viewer
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    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      And you'll look so dang cool wearing them at work.
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      I wonder what the long term effects are on your vision if you used a device like this a lot?
    1. spinal_cord's Avatar
      spinal_cord -
      What exactly makes $65 more 'affordable' than a $3 cardboard headset? It doesn't do anything different, it only uses your phone hardware so you gain nothing.

      The issue is not the 3d viewers, its the software. Many iPhone owners would love something that would stream VR games from PC/Mac and use the phone hardware for the motion tracking, but nobody seems at all interested it providing that. Instead we're stuck with rollercoaster videos and 'games' that involve floating around a 3D space.