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  • Apple Officially Releases Open-Source Code for OS X El Capitan

    The Cupertino California company recently released the open-source components for OS X El Capitan, making good on the licensing requirements of the code.

    Several file directors for El Capitan were added to the companyís open source site recently. Together the components help form Darwin, a Unix-based OS that OS Xís proprietary technology sits on top of. One thing that should be noted though is that no installer is included which means that the code is mainly just for those who are interested in seeing how Apple has written out its software.

    For those of you who didnít know, El Capitan originally shipped on September 30. Critics in some cases have complained that Apple can be slow to publish its open-source code even though the licenses demand that the code be freely shared.

    The company does share some of the code in iOS but most components are privately developed or licensed, there are just six open-source downloads listed for iOS 9 in this case.

    Source: Apple via AppleInsider
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