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  • Apple Rolls Out New Apple TV Ad

    Think iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches are the only Apple products being gifted like crazy this holiday shopping season? The recently refreshed Apple TV is a hot gift item too, according to the latest industry chatter.

    And despite coming on the same day as reports that Apple is hitting the pause button (for now at least) on its long-planned Live TV service, Apple TV remains more popular than ever -- so much so that Apple has launched a new campaign to promote its current generation set-top box.

    On Tuesday, Apple rolled out its newest TV ad which extols the virtues of the Apple TV experience. Highlighting the wealth of available content and broad features, on-demand content, and dedicated app store, it's safe to say this spot will likely inspire more than a few additional Apple TV purchases in the weeks ahead.

    Haven't seen the spot yet? Check it out below.

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