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  • CBS Boss: Apple Planned 'Live TV Service' Delayed

    According to a very knowledgeable source -- CBS CEO Les Moonves -- Apple is hitting the pause button (for now at least) on its long-planned live TV service.

    “They’ve had conversations on it and I think they pressed the hold button,” Moonves is quoted by Bloomberg. “They were looking for a service.”

    That admission came when Moonves spoke at the Business Insider Ignition conference Tuesday in New York. Nonetheless, some are hopeful that Apple will still move ahead with the service at some point soon.

    The service, which would be delivered via the Internet, was viewed as an alternative to a traditional cable or satellite package.
    Ultimately, Moonves believes that Apple and others will make such a service a reality for consumers ready to unplug their cable boxes forever.

    “This will happen,” Moonves told his audience. “It has four major networks and 10 cable networks, let’s say, and the price point will be in the $30s, $30 to $35, $40 maybe. People will not be spending money on channels they don’t want to watch."

    Source: Bloomberg
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    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      I will not be interested in an AppleTV subscription service if there is no local broadcasting (and likely there will not be).

      If they charge $40...then you sign up for Netflix, HBO, Hulu. And Comcast wants another $30 for unlimited internet data. You are now pushing close to $100/month. This is the reason I dropped cable in the first place.