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  • Check Out Ookla's New Beta HTML5 Internet Speed Measurement Tool

    For the longest time, Ookla's popular Speedtest.net Web application for testing your download and upload speeds from your Internet provider has used Adobe Flash to provide its users with its user interface, but now, Ookla is transitioning away from the need for Adobe Flash with a new HTML5 Web application.

    Shown above, the HTML5 Web application version of the Internet speed test is redesigned, but you'll also notice that it has less drag on system resources. Because Adobe Flash has such a reputation for being power hungry and slowing down systems, this is a change that is sure to be applauded by the masses. It also means that systems no longer need browser plugins to use the tool.

    The regular Speedtest.net Web site will still show you the basic Adobe Flash version of the tool, but by visiting this link, you can try out the new (beta) HTML5 version of the tool. Unfortunately, although it's an HTML5-based tool, you still can't run it on an iOS device and still need to download the App Store application to use this functionality on an iOS device.

    Like the original, you get a Ping reading, as well as the download throughput of your Internet connection and the Upload throughput of your Internet connection.

    Source: Speedtest.net
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    1. Flying Phil's Avatar
      Flying Phil -
      Not bad if ipv4 is the only speed you want to test. What about ipv6?
    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      wow, ads abound
    1. sju's Avatar
      sju -
      speedtest not working on el captain !!!
    1. jtanner's Avatar
      jtanner -
      Quote Originally Posted by sju View Post
      speedtest not working on el captain !!!
      Works fine for me on El Capitan