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  • Apple: iOS 9 is Installed on 70% of iOS Devices in Use Today

    On Tuesday, Apple has updated its App Store Support Web page with updated information relating to iOS 9 and the market share that it possesses out of all of Apple's iOS devices in circulation today. Two weeks ago, the number sat at 67%, but today, the Web site now indicates that iOS 9 has seen a market share growth of 3% since then, now sitting at 70%.

    iOS 9 shares its market share with iOS 8, which is installed on 22% of iOS devices in circulation today, and iOS 7 or earlier, which would be installed on 8% of iOS devices in circulation today.

    Apple gets these numbers from data collected by App Store usage, and it includes all devices that are being activated from new purchases all the time, as well as those that are upgrading to iOS 9 either voluntarily because they want new features or involuntarily due to Apple's refusal to give customers a way to downgrade their firmware.

    Apple will refresh the numbers again in another two weeks, so it will be interesting to see where the numbers end up by then.

    Source: Apple
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    1. ThunderMasterMind's Avatar
      ThunderMasterMind -
      I'm part of that 8%. I'm still rocking on iOS 6.

      iPad 4th generation on iOS 6.0.1
      iPhone 4S on 6.1.3

      I just can't continuously use the newer iOS versions. They don't feel as nice as iOS 6.