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  • Apple Remained Dominant Platform For Online Shopping This Thanksgiving

    Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over, it has been reported that Apple remained the top platform for shoppers this holiday season. Users of the iPhone and iPad accounted for 78.3% of mobile sales on Thanksgiving Day whereas Android users only accounted for 21.5% during the same time for e-commerce sales. According to Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse, the results were obtained by analyzing shopping trends and online buyers with “"200+ online retailers, 500 million anonymized shoppers, and $100B in e-commerce revenue."

    The firm noted that e-commerce sales has increased 12.5% over 2014 for Thanksgiving Day and transactions increased 10.8% over last year as well. They also noted that tablet and mobile online orders accounted for 39.3% of all online sales this Thanksgiving, which is 5.6% more than the same time last year (34.5%). Apple’s iOS still remains the dominant platform for shoppers, although they did drop to 78.3% compared to the 79.9% of mobile orders placed last year.

    We definitely will say that mobile and tablet shopping has become much easier and more convenient as shoppers can just place orders on the go now and with many iOS apps having Apple Pay compatibility, everything is just one click away. How much did you shop this Black Friday and did you use a tablet/mobile device or did you stick with the good old laptop/computer this year? Share with us in the comments below.

    Source: Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse
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    1. crslaeme's Avatar
      crslaeme -
      F u apple for not having any sales, got my 6s 64gb 199.99 couldn't be happier at Best Buy :P bye bye 4s lol don't judge me
    1. Purple Minion's Avatar
      Purple Minion -
      For those who want to find something in particular, mobile apps are virtually worthless. I'm not sure I've ever actually bought anything using my iPad or iPhone, although I have tried to look for things many times.

      So for me at least, the only way I'll shop online is using a computer.
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      I'm not surprised. Median income of iPhone users was 40% higher than Android users in 2014. I would think that, typically, higher incomes = more disposable income = more purchasing. I know I had many 'avoid Black Thursday Night/Friday' offers in my junk mail. I would probably have taken advantage of them instead of hitting the stores.. if I wanted to spend my limited resources feeding the beast that is God Money ('bow down before the one your serve; you're going to get what you deserve'), that is...