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  • iOS 9 is Now Running on 67% of iOS Devices in Use Today

    On Tuesday, Apple has once again updated its App Store support Web page with new information regarding the percentage of devices that are running iOS 9 and earlier versions of iOS. Two weeks ago, Apple announced that 66% of iOS devices had iOS 9 installed on them, but this week, that number has been bumped up to 67%.

    The amount of devices running an iOS firmware earlier than iOS 8 has remained the same, while the number of devices running iOS 8 has dropped 1%. There are two factors that can be attributed to this change: 1) people are still upgrading from iOS 8 to iOS 9, and 2) more iOS 9 devices are being sold in stores and being activated and increasing the iOS 9 market share.

    iOS 9.1 had the largest impact on iOS 9 adoption since the initial release, but with iOS 9.2 coming soon with some other improvements to the iOS 9 operating system as a whole, more people may make the jump since many avoid initial releases to keep out of the way of bugs.

    These figures are obtained through App Store usage, which tells the App Store query system what its users are running. Apple updates these figures on a bi-weekly basis.

    Source: App Store
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