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  • Apple's Hidden 'Indoor Survey' App Lets Business Owners Map Out the Insides of Their Businesses

    Apple has another application in the iOS App Store that you've probably never even heard of, and that's because it's hidden from the App Store's search fields and is only available to those that are given a special link to the application so that they can use it. It's called Indoor Survey, and it was discovered over the weekend by iOS hacker and developer Steven Troughton-Smith.

    It's very much a private application intended for business owners that use Apple Maps Connect (required) to map out the interior spaces of their businesses. For example, imagine being in a mall and wanting to find out where you needed to walk to get to the closest Best Buy, or getting from Best Buy to the closest Starbucks, or even trying to narrow it down to the DVD section inside of Best Buy.

    The data collected by the application, voluntarily given to Apple through business owners, would then be used in Apple Maps itself to help users find what they're looking for inside of a store. The application will be particularly useful for larger stores, because there are times when larger stores don't have a great layout and customers end up having to ask where things are.

    With the data collected from this application, a customer would need only open their Maps application and then search for what they were looking for, and the Maps application would then direct them to the correct location inside of the store to pick up what they needed.

    Obviously, this information is not ready for the prime-time just yet. This is something that may come to iOS at a later date in a future upgrade, and the application allows Apple to collect preliminary data so it's ready when the time comes. On the other hand, various reports are suggesting that it's related to Apple's acquisition of WiFiSLAM, which was an indoor mapping startup firm that allowed users to find their way around indoors, which further backs up the theory Apple is interested in adding this to their mapping software.

    The Indoor Survey application, while useless to most everyday users, can be downloaded for free by anybody from this App Store link.

    Source: Steve Troughton-Smith
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    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      Don't bother downloading. You have to sign in your AppleID, and if your AppleID is not authorized to use this app, you'll get an "Authorization Failed: Your account has not been setup to use the Survey App."
    1. Dad2711's Avatar
      Dad2711 -
      Same here downloaded but won't work on id
    1. Selfmadexpert's Avatar
      Selfmadexpert -
      Can someone make a jailbreak tweak that opens this app?
    1. Selfmadexpert's Avatar
      Selfmadexpert -
      Same with iTunes Connect