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  • IBM Making a Bigger Bet on Apple Watch

    IBM’s Watson and Apple Watch may be the hottest new pair in town.

    According to a new report from Fortune, "the cognitive computing wunderkind... is pairing its artificial intelligence with the mobile sensing power of Apple’s smartwatch to create a health platform that can interact and adapt to each individual user."

    This, we're told, is the first time that the computing power of Watson is fusing with Apple Watch to "transform how people manage their wellbeing."

    The magic in question takes plan in an app called CaféWell Concierge, Powered by Watson.

    Developed by Welltok, Fortune explains that the app capitalizes on Watson’s natural language capabilities. The result? CaféWell Concierge becomes more personalized by learning throughout the duration of usage. Consequently, users gain vast insight when posing health and wellness questions.

    “Much of the data off of wearables doesn’t go anywhere. No one knows exactly what to do with it,” Cynthia Burghard, a research director at IDC Health Insights, is quoted in the report. “Watson with its cognitive capabilities can do something with all that data and can even pull in its other sources to create a useful service.”

    Source: Fortune
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