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  • Apple Hires Nvidia's Former Director of Deep Learning Software, Jonathan Cohen

    The rumors surrounding an autonomous Apple Car were brought back after a report revealed that the company recently hired Jonathan Cohen, a now former director of Nvidia’s CUDA Libraries and Software Solutions machine learning program. Cohen’s LinkedIn bio page was recently updated to reflect a change in employment from Nvidia to Apple. His new title reads “Software,” but Cohen has ample experience when it comes to the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), or autonomous car solutions.

    When Cohen worked at Nvidia, he was the director of the chipmaker’s Deep Learning Software program. He oversaw development of the CUDA Platform libraries and GPU-acceleration software technology under the company’s Tesla business. According to Nvidia’s website, specific research subjects included bioinformatics and machine learning.

    For those of you who didn’t know, though Nvidia is mainly known for consumer-targeted computer graphics cards, the firm has more recently applied its advanced graphics processing technology to help automotive computer vision solutions instead. The company’s most recent products include the Nvidia DRIVE PX, which is a Tegra X1-based GPU that is capable of handling massive amounts of visual data from onboard cameras that are enhanced by “deep learning computer vision.”

    Now that Cohen has moved over to Apple, rumors surrounding “Project Titan” have been revived. Speculation is pointing towards Apple working on an electric vehicle that could be unveiled as soon as 2020, though the first version of the car may not be one that drives by itself. The Cupertino California company is said to have been improving the development, poaching talent from Tesla as well as established auto manufacturers such as Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz.

    We’ll have to wait and see how everything turns out but the speculation does seem to have some concrete pointers. Ultimately we’ll just have to be patient.

    Source: LinkedIn (Jonathan Cohen), Re/Code via AppleInsider
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