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  • Japanese Culture Was Iconic Apple Co-Founder's Cup of Tea

    It's no secret that Asian culture exerted great influence over Apple visionary Steve Jobs. But a new report is drawing attention to the particular influence of Japanese tea.

    Our friends at Apple Insider spotted a post at Matcha Tea that investigates this very phenomenon.

    "Steve Jobs visited Kyoto regularly, one of the central homes to both Japanese buddhism and tea culture, and he had a great love of Japanese art and cuisine," the Asia-focused blog explains. "He enjoyed matcha during the tea ceremony and practiced buddhism, and his Apple products have shown design ideas which draw a great deal on Japanese expectations.

    From his close relationship with leaders of Japanese companies like Sony, to his appreciation for beauty as defined by Japanese culture, the design of many Apple products available today were likely profoundly influenced by much of what Jobs admired of Japan, it's people, and culture.

    "Japan has long encouraged a weaving together of art and practicality, and tea culture is a good example of this," the report explains. "While the care of growing and grinding matcha tea is artisanal before even the complexity of using it in a tea ceremony, matcha is meant to be a normal feature of life which leads to serious appreciation of art while also enlivening health and providing economic livelihoods for tea growers. It is one part art and one part useful."

    All told, it's a fascinating profile of the role played by Japan and its majestic wonders in the life and legacy of Steve Jobs and all that he helped to engender. To check it out, click here.

    Sources: Apple Insider, Matcha Tea
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