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  • Pandora Updated to Support Apple's CarPlay

    Pandora, the popular streaming music service, has quietly updated its iPhone app with support for Apple’s CarPlay. The move enables listeners to enjoy a more convenient interface for vehicles that have compatible built-in technology or aftermarket headunits.

    The CarPlay functionality continues to remain unmentioned in the Pandora release notes and also continues to be left out on Apple’s website as well. Regardless, the app should work when a compatible iPhone connects to a vehicle. After you choose the app from the homescreen, users should see a menu with some premade stations as well as the option to shuffle all of them for variety. A “Now Playing” window offers menu options to help vote a track up or down, despite the potential distraction to drivers in this scenario as well.

    For those of you who didn’t know, there have been a relatively low number of iPhone apps that have introduced support for CarPlay since the platform launched in 2014. Aside from a few Apple apps such as Maps and Music along with a few third-party apps such as Spotify, Rdio and Overcast there isn’t much available.

    A portion of the issue is attributed to a small number of vehicles supporting the standard. Automakers such as Chevrolet, Honda, Porsche and Volkswagen are now on board but only a few of the 2016 models have CarPlay support. Older cars can upgrade to the technology by using an aftermarket unit from Alpine, Kenwood or Pioneer, though these options do cost several hundred dollars along with installation expenses.

    Are those of you touting CarPlay in your vehicle excited to be able to use Pandora with your device?

    Source: Apple (CarPlay), Pandora (iTunes)
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    1. charliebordelon84's Avatar
      charliebordelon84 -
      I am. I have a pioneer CD player with CarPlay but the new wireless CarPlay doesn't seem to work. That is what I really want to work. More apps would be cool too. Besides the ones mentioned the rest suck.