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  • Check Out These Two-of-a-Kind Apple 'Force Touch' Tables in New York & San Francisco

    In two flagship Apple retail stores one in New York and one in San Francisco there is a special table dedicated to helping consumers discover what the iPhone 6s/6s Plus' 3D Touch display is capable of.

    The special table is designed to work in unison with the iPhones that are attached to the table, such that when the user presses firmly on the touch displays on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, not only will the water ripple on the screen of the iPhone, but it'll also ripple on the surrounding table, which also appears to be a large screen.

    The iPhones are connected to the special table with a special electrical connection, which allows the table to detect when the iPhone is being used. This allows it to ripple at the correct times.

    It's nothing more than a novelty right now, and there's no telling whether or not these will be coming to more Apple Stores, but it's something interesting that can be experienced at the current two flagship Apple retail stores right now that those local to the stores may be interested in checking out.

    You can see how the tables work in the video below:

    Source: Grate via YouTube
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      Links ain't working on my phone.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Nuff Said View Post
      Links ain't working on my phone.
      Works fine for me on the MMI app on iPhone 6 Plus (9.0.2 jailbroken).
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      They've created a modern piece of art. Well done
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      Wow, Talk about a waste of money.
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      It looks like a big rear projection screen with a "button" directly under each iPhone... Meh.