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  • Judge Confirms that Apple is Free of its eBook Antitrust Monitor

    The US Department of Justice recently recommended against extending Apple’s antitrust monitor, Michael Bromwich, after two years of oversight. The DOJ cited satisfaction with the company’s new compliance program and willingness to meet mandated obligations.

    In a recent joint letter to US District Court Judge Denise Cote, neither the plaintiffs nor Apple recommended extending Michael Bromwich’s monitorship. He was installed in 2013 after the company was found guilty of conspiring to fix the price of e-books which were sold through the iBooks Store.

    Despite being on bad terms the majority of the time, the government noted that Apple ended up implementing a large portion of Bromwich’s recommendations. The Cupertino California company’s efforts toward compliance no longer require Bromwich’s services. The government had said the following regarding the matter:

    In arriving at our conclusion not to recommend an extension of the Monitor's term, we ultimately give greater weight to the Monitor's assessment that Apple has put in place a meaningful antitrust compliance program than to the difficult path it took to achieve this result.
    For the record, Bromwich furnished what could potentially be his last report for the Cupertino California company where he stated that though Apple resists requests for information, its antitrust compliance program has made progress that was deemed satisfactory. Apple’s internal Antitrust Compliance Monitor is set to ensure that the company continues compliance for at least another three years. This position was created as part of the original e-books ruling to help prevent the issue from occurring again.

    Apple is said to continue to comply with its obligations going forward. We’ll have to see if it sticks to it but chances are Apple wants to avoid being in a similar situation with a compliance monitor so it will make sure to take the proper steps.

    Source: Scribd via AppleInsider
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