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  • Apple Names 'Wake Alarm Clock' the iOS App Store's App of the Week

    Thursday afternoon, Apple has updated the iOS App Store with a new App of the Week as they do each and every week. Last week's pick of a fun and challenging game called Combo Quest has been superseded by this week's pick of a utilitarian app known as Wake Alarm Clock.

    Wake Alarm Clock is one of the nicest third-party applications you can ask for when it comes to setting up alarms that you want to wake up to each morning. Wake Alarm Clock is home to the famous 'SLAP to snooze' button, which lets the user silence an alarm with a hand-tap on the display while the application is open (perfect for those last few moments of snoozing). You can also choose to flip your iPhone upside-down to turn the alarm off, or shake your device while in the application to turn the alarm off.

    Setting an alarm is super easy in this application – while on the home screen of the application, you can scroll the dial to set the time you want. Then, when it's time to wake up, the alarm starts off super light, and works its way up to the higher volume markers, waking you up in a subtle way instead of monstrously like other alarm clocks.

    A full feature list of the alarm clock application via the iOS App Store:

    Quote Originally Posted by App Store
    * Simple gesture-based UI for setting and interacting with alarms
    * Spin the dial to easily set alarms
    * iTunes alarm support - wake up to your own audio every morning
    * Create up to 8 repeatable alarms
    * Swipe down to view alarms and pull down to switch them on/off
    * Personalize with 12 exclusive built-in alarm sounds
    * SLAP & FLIP mode transforms your iPhone into an old-school alarm clock using a virtual Snooze Button; SLAP to Snooze or FLIP your iPhone to turn off the alarm
    * SHAKE mode forces you to physically shake your phone until the Shake Bar is filled up—the movement is sure to wake up your body while the sound wakes up your head.
    * Choose from 3 difficulty settings in SHAKE mode
    * Set recurring alarms for any day of the week
    * Progressive alarm sounds that get louder gradually
    * Visually stunning and perfect for iOS8
    If you want to grab Wake Alarm Clock while it's free in the App Store this week, you can head over to this App Store link.
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    1. AmperEvident's Avatar
      AmperEvident -
      Slap to snooze? What a fantastic feature to promote AppleCare+!
    1. mgmm1's Avatar
      mgmm1 -
      I tried this app and didn't care for it. For one thing it did not wake my phone to slap to snooze. My lock screen remained all black while the alarm went off. I had to unlock my phone to get to the app to snooze the alarm.

      The biggest issue I have with the app is the battery drain. To test the alarm, I set it go go off in five minutes and then locked my phone. When I looked at the battery usage, it dropped 10% while off and the alarm in background mode.