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  • Apple Announces the Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker Launching in November

    Apple has on Wednesday announced a new addition to its Beats product lineup, the Beats Pill+, which will mark the first time that Apple integrates its proprietary Lightning connection into a Beats product for charging purposes. The Beats Pill+ is a portable speaker that uses a combination of tweeters and woofers to provide you with crisp, clear sound on both the high and mid sound spectrum.

    The back of the speaker includes the Lightning charging port, a USB port for charging your iOS device while you listen, and a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can use to plug in another speaker or a pair of headphones. The Beats Pill+ is a Bluetooth enabled device that uses wireless means to play your favorite music from your iOS device, and can play your music for up to 12 hours before it needs to be re-charged again.

    The BeatsByDre Web site notes that the speaker, which comes in black or white colors, can come to a full-charge in just 3 hours and that a standalone application will be launched in the App Store specifically for those that purchase the Beats Pill+ so that users can control their connected speakers and mix their playlists to listen to on them.

    Beats Pill+ will be available in November for $229. Whether or not the pretty penny is worth it to you is the big question, but if you're interested in getting notifications when the speaker is available, you can sign up for e-mail notifications via the BeatsByDre Web site at this link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Wood, President of Beats
    When you obsess about sound the way that we do at Beats, portable Bluetooth speakers can be very tricky. We spent countless days, weeks, months testing for that perfect combination of form and function - small enough to travel but still big enough to feel the emotion of the music. Thatís what you get with Pill+.
    Source: BeatsByDre
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