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  • Apple Says it Fixed the YiSpecter Malware Vulnerability in iOS 8.4 and Later

    Paulo Alto Networks over the weekend publicized information about a piece of malware that is able to infect non-jailbroken (and jailbroken) iOS devices by exploiting built-in private APIs in the operating system that are used by processes on the device to offer functionality for users.

    The malware information came off as scary for many being that users didn't have to be jailbroken to become infected. Instead, using a completely stock iOS device and doing regular things on the device, like downloading applications and visiting Web sites, could lead to a malware infection. But on the flip side of things, the malware really only targeted people in China or Taiwan, and so the audience was quite limited.

    Fortunately, however, Apple said in a public statement to The Loop on Monday that the problem only affected iOS devices running software earlier than iOS 8.4, as iOS 8.4 and later have already fixed the problem. With that being said, if you're currently enjoying your new installation of iOS 9 on your device, or are on iOS 8.4 (jailbroken or not), you are safe from this particular threat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    This issue only impacts users on older versions of iOS who have also downloaded malware from untrusted sources. We addressed this specific issue in iOS 8.4 and we have also blocked the identified apps that distribute this malware. We encourage customers to stay current with the latest version of iOS for the latest security updates. We also encourage them to only download from trusted sources like the App Store and pay attention to any warnings as they download apps.
    As Paulo Alto Networks explains, some of the characteristics of this particular Malware are quite persistent and annoying:

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulo Alto Networks
    Some other characteristics about this malware include:

    • Whether an iPhone is jailbroken or not, the malware can be successfully downloaded and installed
    • Even if you manually delete the malware, it will automatically re-appear
    • Using third-party tools you can find some strange additional “system apps” on infected phones
    • On infected phones, in some cases when the user opens a normal app, a full screen advertisement will show
    Keeping on the latest firmware available, when available, is a way to prevent malware issues with your device, as Apple notes, but as we well know, it's also a jailbreak repellent. You really have to choose whether security or fun is more important to you.

    Source: Paulo Alto Networks via The Loop
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      Go China.... Seems like all the hot stuff is coming from China lately (ie jailbreaks and malware). Also that Mac malware that would pass to your iPhone when you connected it to your Mac computer a while ago. Infected App Store Apps, it's safe to say Apple better keep a eye over there.