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  • Apple TV Teardown Gets iFixit's Developer Account Blocked by Apple

    Poof! Just like that, it was gone.

    We're referring, of course, to the iFixit app in the Apple App Store. As it turns out, Apple was not too pleased with the group's informed and calculated decision to violate the clearly defined rules in Apple's developer program.

    "Not too long ago, we tore down the Apple TV and Siri Remote," the iFixit team explains in a blog post. "The developer unit we disassembled was sent to us by Apple. Evidently, they didn’t intend for us to take it apart. But we’re a teardown and repair company; teardowns are in our DNA—and nothing makes us happier than figuring out what makes these gadgets tick. We weighed the risks, blithely tossed those risks over our shoulder, and tore down the Apple TV anyway."

    It didn't take long for Apple to notice what happened. Within two days, the team's developer account had been banned. iFixit apologized to readers for any inconvenience associated with the pulling of their iOS app, which is tied to the banished developer account.

    "The good news is we’ve been working like gangbusters on our mobile site. All the functionality you need for mobile is already there," the post explains, reminding readers that their Android app is still around too.

    To read the full blog post, click here.

    Source: iFixit
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    1. miketurbo123's Avatar
      miketurbo123 -
      Isn't the new Apple TV for iFixit to keep? Why would apple care? It's not like they are losing any $
    1. AmperEvident's Avatar
      AmperEvident -
      Quote Originally Posted by miketurbo123 View Post
      Isn't the new Apple TV for iFixit to keep? Why would apple care? It's not like they are losing any $
      Except that they provided the developers an early access Apple TV for only $1. iFixIt published Apple'a secrets, and we all know how valuable those are.

      Really, though, I think Apple overreacted. I've been on the receiving end of Apple's wrath before with my developer account. Nothing to this extent.

      Apple might as well embrace that people are going to tear down, break, and subject their products to all sorts of tests. They have already evolved to allow for consumers to participate in a public beta, eliminating the black market slot sales. I think they should publish their own tear down pictures. They don't have to go into details of product costs, but some of us like to see what makes everything "just work".
    1. stulaw11's Avatar
      stulaw11 -
      They got an early model as a dev before the official release date and spilled the beans of the internals in violation of the NDA developers sign. Their own fault, they knew the risks and the rules.
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      If the account was associated with the agreement/account they used to get the Apple TV, and they violated that agreement, then, while it still sucks, Apple is within their right to do that. Lawyers... pptptptptptt...
      Unfortunately, they kind had to do it: if they don't treat all agreement violations the same, they set themselves up for others to point to iFixit later if they do the same or similar.

      They just need to make it easier for folks like iFixit to do things like that legitimately without violating agreements though, that's not likely to happen.