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  • OS X El Capitan Reportedly Makes New Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Very Unstable

    If you're excited to install Apple's new OS X 10.11 El Capitan operating system for its Mac machines today, let me ask you just one thing: do you rely on Microsoft Office to get work done for school or for your job? If so, you should probably wait to upgrade.

    OS X 10.11 El Capital reportedly doesn't play nicely with Microsoft's latest productivity suite, causing very frequent, but intermittent, crashes of all of the suite applications. What's more is Microsoft is reportedly aware of the problem and hasn't found a sufficient way to fix it yet.

    Microsoft's support forums are being bombarded by people having these issues on the OS X 10.11 Golden Master release, but Microsoft support is having a hard time helping those users. Now with the public release hitting today, which will likely be the same or a similar build as the Golden Master, Microsoft will need to get their act together before they have a handful of angry customers wanting their money back for their expensive suite software that won't work properly on the new operating system.

    Those relying on Microsoft Office are advised to stay on OS X 10.10 Yosemite until a fix can be implemented, as users are sure to get frustrated with the software incompatibility upon updating to Apple's new operating system today. When released, an update would be able to be installed using the Microsoft AutoUpdate mechanism that is included in the software bundle.

    Source: Microsoft Support via Thurrott
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    1. cmwade77's Avatar
      cmwade77 -
      I have been running the beta for a while with Office 2016 and haven't had any problems.
    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      Word crashes on startup, then reloads fine
    1. jacoch's Avatar
      jacoch -
      I'm running Office 2016 and El Capitan GM for several days. Outlook is opened whole day withouth trouble. I'm using Excel and Word several times a day too. I have not had any trouble. I would not be surprised that it's because I disabled System Integrity Protection on my MBP.
    1. charliebee's Avatar
      charliebee -
      Been running 10.11 beta with Office 2016 beta for well over a month without a single issue.