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  • iFixit Finds Water Resistant Seals in iPhone 6s/6s Plus

    The iFixit team tore down the iPhone 6s within the past week, but recent rumors suggesting that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were more water resistant than their predecessors have left the team stumped. As such, they've decided to go in for a second round of tearing down and investigate to find out what's going on and why the new handsets resists water so much better.

    What they found was a very small goopy seal that goes around the perimeter of the display, all the way around the aluminum housing. The seal is so incredibly small, but adds .3mm of thickness to the case of the iPhone, but a small lip in the housing of the iPhone reveals it wasn't just slapped in there, but rather Apple took careful time and effort to give it a place in the iPhone on purpose.

    Interestingly, the seal is color-coordinated based on the color of the display glass, so if you have a white front, you get a white seal, or if you have a black front, you get a black seal.

    iFixit also points out that the connectors on the logic board also have water-resistant silicone seals around them, that prevent liquids from getting into the connections and short-circuiting or corroding the connections:

    For the most part, ports and jacks are still just as vulnerable as the previous generation, and this iPhone is not water-proof, but definitely more water-resistant than its predecessor. Rumors suggest that the next-generation iPhone could be deemed water-proof, or something similar to the Apple Watch.

    Source: iFixit
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      I like the direction this is going. I've never dropped my phone into water, but was pretty envious of Samsung's waterproof phones.
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      Liquipel the Alternative to a Waterproof Phone Case
      This is who apple should connect with.
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      Quote Originally Posted by miketurbo123 View Post
      Liquipel ruined my iPhone 5. Don't buy this scam.
      Can you please explain more?
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