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  • Apple Allegedly Pulls Several Legacy Packages From "Purchased" Tab in Mac App Store [Updated]

    The Purchased tab in the Mac App Store allows users to download software that they've downloaded from the Mac App Store in the past, whether it's available in the Mac App Store currently, or not. But, as it turns out, Apple has allegedly decided to end Mac App Store support for several legacy packages offered by the company.

    As first spotted by a Reddit user just hours ago, packages such as Aperture, iPhoto, OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks, and possibly some others have been removed from the "Purchased" tab in the Mac App Store for users that have previously owned the packages.

    Apple's decision is being dubbed a "hostile" one towards its software users, as it prevents users from going back and using legacy software rather than Apple's "latest and greatest" software. Moreover, users "paid good money" for Aperture, despite the move to the new OS X Photos application, and should be able to download it from their Purchased tab if they very well please.

    Although the change appears to be so that Apple no longer has to support the outdated software, it's not known if Apple plans to make the change permanent or if it's just a temporary hiccup. It is typical of Apple to block outdated software; they have done so with iOS for years, preventing downgrades to earlier versions of software to prevent jailbreaking, and forcing users to upgrade to a newer version instead when restoring.

    Other software that users have purchased from third party developers still appears to be showing under the tab, whether it's still supported or not. The change appears to be only for Apple-branded software.

    Update: It appears that Apple has added these packages back for users.

    Source: Reddit via MacRumors
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