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  • Apple Reportedly Aims to Finalize its First Vehicle by 2019

    Citing people familiar with the project, the folks over at The Wall Street Journal reported recently that a self-driving car is still a part of Apple’s long term plans but the company plans to release a non-autonomous first-generation model sometime in 2019. Progress on the device is being made by the “Project Titan” team which currently has 600 people working on the project. It was alleged that those in charge have recently been given the go-ahead to triple the size of the team to 1,800 people as well.

    The Journal continued by citing sources who said that some on the team believe a 2019 ship date for an “Apple Car” may not even be possible though. Just last week, it was reported that Apple has been poaching Tesla workers to help push its “Project Titan” forward. This particular hiring has been so extensive that Tesla’s own internal product development has reportedly been negatively affected.

    It is rumored that Apple may be forced to partner with an established automotive manufacturer as it looks to bring its own vehicle to market. Furthermore, the company is said to be eyeing property that was recently purchased in San Jose for development and potential manufacturing. Apple’s legal team seems to be playing a part as well as it was recently confirmed that attorneys that represent Apple met with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss laws that surround autonomous vehicles.

    If Apple was releasing a self-driving car, the move would require the company to make public disclosures about the product. For its first model though, if it in fact launched without driverless capabilities, than Apple could keep the project under wraps until further notice.

    We’ll have to wait for more concrete information to be sure.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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