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  • Cisco Taps iPhone for Corporate Social Networking

    In case you missed it, this weekend Cisco Systems announced plans to develop and introduce a new technology that will assist mobile workers in using the iPhone and iPad to help keep in touch both with co-workers and other relevant news and info that will make it possible for them to more efficiently do their work.

    "Corporate social networking" is the terminology used to describe the essential nature of the Cisco Quad apps, which won't officially roll out for several more months. Since companies large and small are now resigned to the fact that their employees are glued to their mobile devices and corresponding social networking platforms all day, Cisco's line of thinking makes sense - why not bring social networking to the corporate environment and make the experience more productivity-oriented?

    Together, these collaboration solutions offer workers a highly secure, manageable collaborative environment with video, real time instant messaging (IM) and social networking capabilities.
    Tony Bates, a senior vice president at Cisco says that his company's vision for a new work space "is about empowering organizations with a broader range of collaborative experiences." In this regard, the Quad platform will help execute the stated vision by enabling "workers within our company to have relevant content and resources pushed to them automatically versus having them spend so much time trying to find the right document, person or information."

    Although Twitter and Facebook still sound like more fun all by themselves, no one is ruling out the potential success and eventual pervasiveness of Cisco's new endeavor.
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