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  • Apple May Be Legally Compelled to Admit Vehicle Plans

    Apple, it's no secret, loves secrets. And one of the company's worst kept secrets these days is that an electric or even self-driving car is in the works at Apple.

    Apple, clearly, has taken great interest in the role of technology in the modern driving experience. But the company's investment in the automotive space may soon be unlike anything previously anticipated.

    However, it's unlikely that Apple will be able to get away with keeping its plan a secret.

    "Executives have discussed their plans for an 'autonomous vehicle' with officials at California’s department of motor vehicles (DMV)," the Guardian reports. "According to documents obtained by the Guardian, Mike Maletic, a senior legal counsel at Apple, had an hour-long meeting on 17 August with the department’s self-driving car experts..."

    With Google, Uber and others reportedly interested in deploying so-called robot cars, the regulations and other laws of the land in California could preclude Apple from keeping its car ambitions hush-hush until the actual vehicle's release.

    "California’s DMV is developing regulations for the eventual deployment and public operation of autonomous vehicles," the report notes. "These rules will establish requirements that manufacturers must meet to certify that their driverless vehicles have been successfully tested, meet safety criteria, and are ready for consumers to operate on public roads."

    Source: Guardian
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