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  • Apple's New iPad Mini 4 Gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment

    iFixit, the team that gets their hands on Apple's latest devices each time one is released to tear down and show off their guts, has moved forward with a teardown of the all-new iPad mini 4.

    The iPad mini 4 gets similar specs to the iPad Air 2, although recent benchmarks have shown that it's significantly slower than the iPad Air 2, and only offers a 20% speed bump over the previous-generation iPad mini.

    Some new tidbits include the new thinner design, which simplifies the appearance of the speaker grille at the bottom of the device, and makes the device a little more comfortable to hold.

    Internal items include the A8 processor, M8 motion co-processor, Hynix flash storage, Hynix 2GB RAM, NFC, a powerful 8 megapixel rear camera, and a smaller FaceTime camera assembly. The battery has also been made smaller, with a lower mAh rating and is now single cell instead of dual cell.

    The iPad mini 4 was scored with a repairability score of 2 out of 10, which is relatively low because of the difficulty of removing so many parts and servicing them, such as the all-in-one fused front panel (expensive to replace), soldered lightning connector, huge amounts of adhesive, and difficulty of removing the Touch ID sensor. On the other hand, the battery is still easy to remove and service.

    To view the full teardown, you can visit iFixit at this link.

    Source: iFixit
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