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  • Amazon 'Fires' Back at Apple with Latest Product Updates

    Take that! (says Amazon to Apple -- at least in my imagination as today's announcement was made).

    On Thursday, Amazon announced a flew of updates that can only be seen as the ecommerce and mobile tech giant's answer to Apple's new slate of refreshed products unveiled September 9th.

    First up, the Fire tablet, which now sells for $49.

    "The best display on any tablet under $50, almost 2x more durable than the latest generation iPad Air, and 2x more processing power than Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite," Amazon says.

    According to the market reaction to Amazon's news, the ultra-low price tag could go a long way to rope people into the Amazon ecosystem.

    "There's one part of the tablet (market) that's growing right now, and ... that's sub-$100 tablets," Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon devices, tells Reuters.

    But a low-cost tablet (and a refreshed a line of new Fire HD tablets) wasn't the only news Amazon made today. The company also announced the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition -- the latest Fire TV set-top box that bestows upon users many of the attributes coming to the next-gen Apple TV.

    "Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition includes the all-new Fire TV, the new Fire TV Game Controller, a 32 GB microSD card, and two popular games: Shovel Knight and Disney’s Ducktales—all for just $139.99 (regularly $187.95)," the company says.

    To check out the new Fire TV, click here. For Amazon's tablet announcement, click here.

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    1. stulaw11's Avatar
      stulaw11 -
      Yeh maybe an iPad mini first gen competitor. It's a small screen device using hardware for 2012. I'd rather put $50 towards something current frankly. It's a competitor against Samsung;s crappy $100 devices that's about it.