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  • Apple Releases iTunes 12.3 With Support for iOS 9 & OS X 10.11 El Capitan

    On Wednesday, alongside the release of iOS 9 to the general public, Apple has released an updated version of iTunes (12.3) to public users.

    The updated version of iTunes adds official support for iOS 9 and the upcoming OS X 10.11 El Capitan, but it also includes some other improvements, such as:

    • Improving the accessibility of Apple Music with VoiceOver
    • Fixing a problem that would prevent reordering of sings within "Up Next"
    • Fixing a problem where some radio stations wouldn't appear under the "Recently Played" menu
    • Fixing a problem where songs you like on iOS don't show up as liked in iTunes
    • Adds support for two-factor Apple ID authentication for added security
    • Adds performance & stability improvements

    OS X users can grab the update from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application. It's a quick install and doesn't require a restart. It's recommended for all users.

    Windows users can run the Apple Software Update application to download iTunes 12.3.
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      ...and it's a freakin' s-l-o-w download too right now