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  • Apple TV Gets New OS Called tvOS, Available to Developers Today

    On Wednesday, Apple unveiled a new Apple TV with an all-new operating system called tvOS and a new Bluetooth remote that can be used to control App Store applications, Apple Music, media content, and more on the new Apple TV.

    The new tvOS operating system has been carefully tailored to be modernized over the previous version of the Apple TV firmware. The operating system brings the Apple TV up to speed with modern times by allowing users to better sort through TV shows and movies, and even providing great gaming and entertainment experiences on your home television.

    What's more is tvOS integrates seamlessly with the new remote, giving users a fluid and dynamic navigation system. Users can tap, press, swipe, and even access Siri to find content from anywhere in the Apple TV experience.

    Apple's tvOS will be available to developers starting today, and will launch publicly with the new Apple TV in October of this year.
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    1. Mookest's Avatar
      Mookest -
      Developer Kit? Plex development team, you know what to do.
    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      Quote Originally Posted by mookest View Post
      developer kit? Plex development team, you know what to do.
      i couldn't agree with a statement more than that!!!!

      Go plex go!!!!
    1. bry2k2's Avatar
      bry2k2 -
      Here's hoping someone can hack it so I can start making money off Apple again.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Love Plex. I'm sure we will see an official Plex app for Apple TV soon after it is released.
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      PLEX yes! Unfortunately I noticed they took away digital output! Does that mean it cannot act as an Airplay device for music??? Right now both my Apple TV;s are connected to sound systems and I airplay music to them.
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Why the internal storage again?
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by exNavy View Post
      Why the internal storage again?
      To store all the new apps developers release for it I would think.
    1. mazzanic's Avatar
      mazzanic -
      ATV3 get the appstore as well? I want my darn plex or kodi without running plexconnect through trailers!
    1. Mookest's Avatar
      Mookest -
      Update from Plex Twitter:

      "The future of television is apps." We second that! Anxiously awaiting @APPLEOFFIClAL tvOS developer beta info! Who wants Plex on Apple TV??