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  • New York Ad Agency 6S Marketing Asks Apple to Name Next Device 'iPhone 7'

    A New York based ad agency, 6S Marketing, is looking to get Apple’s attention in making their next generation iPhone called iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6s. The agency not only rented some billboards with one located in Times Square, but they even wrote an open letter addressed to Apple. The billboards read “Dear Universe, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing” 6S Marketing even created a hashtag for themselves ‘#WeAre6S’ to put on the billboards.

    The company’s open letter to Apple gives the history behind their name and asks Apple to ‘reconsider’ naming their next iPhone the 6s. They noted that the reason behind their 6S name is because it sounds like the word ‘success’ and that they’ve been using it since 2000.

    However, when going to the website, you can see that this open letter was written to Apple this week, which means it sounds more like a stunt than a request. Everyone knows that by now the company most likely has their packaging, materials, and software with ‘6s’ on it considering unveiling is next week and preorders to possibly begin in two to three weeks. We don’t think Apple will change everything just for the ad agency, but you never know, everything is possible.

    Do you guys think this was just a publicity stunt on the agency’s end? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

    Source: 6S Marketing
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    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      This company could have done this a lot earlier in the year than wait 4-5 days before announcing of the new iPhone.

      Being marketing company, they should have seen this along time ago and asked Apple then to change the model name. A lot of everyone knows how Apple calls:announces their new iPhones being a "S" model every other year.

      I say marketing stunt to grab attention.
    1. sheltons.iphone's Avatar
      sheltons.iphone -
      Like we r going to confuse an iPhone 6s with a marketing company? Or do they think their customer base will start being confused? Sure, if they had a phone to sell, then yeah. But get off it. You're a marketing company, not Apple.
    1. TDH Advocate's Avatar
      TDH Advocate -
      Full blown marketing scam. If their company is even real then they are really just afraid of people not finding them after the phone launch.
    1. pulsecub's Avatar
      pulsecub -
      Hmmm... here's an odd thought...

      Apple is going to call it the iPhone 7, but they want to seem to be "responsive" and "agile" enough to be able to change a product's name in a week, and this 6S Marketing company was hired to do this by Apple...?

      Nah. It's just a marketing stunt by 6S to play off of the phone's name.
    1. 8lias's Avatar
      8lias -
      No one knew about 6S marketing, now they do. You are welcome, sincerely, Apple.