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  • Interview with Luke Wood Reveals Beats' Plans to Stay True to its Music Roots

    According to a recently published interview, shortly after Apple’s $3 billion takeover of Beats in 2014, the Beats president, Luke Wood, ended up dropping his attention on Beats Music in favor of the company’s flagship Electronics division. Wood commented that Apple Music carries on much of Beats’ thinking on curation and discovery. He noted that Beats Music was the foundation of Apple’s on-demand music streaming service and that it would eventually shut down once subscriber migration is complete. This statement suggests that the development of Apple Music began almost immediately after the Beats buyout.

    As of right now, Beats Electronics is looking to expand its sales to markets where its speakers and headphones don’t have much of a presence. Woods noted the following regarding the matter:

    There are markets in Asia where the brand has not spent a lot of time. In India, Bollywood and music drives culture like almost nowhere else in the world. Brazil is another. We want to become a more globally focused brand and just make great products.
    Woods continued speaking on several other topics including the fact that he felt that music listeners were finally “getting” high-quality audio, having previously been willing to settle for lower quality in the peak of the file sharing era during the early 200s. At the same time, he addressed complaints that Beats products favor bass at the expense of the rest of the sound. Wood said that Beats’ first-gen headphones were made to “replicate the excitement of modern albums” referring to changes like digital synthesizes and the advent of sub-amplifiers.

    As far as Beats Electronics goes, Apple seems to have left the product design and marketing of the hardware relatively unchanged. The biggest difference has been the addition of gold, silver and space gray colors, all of which were likely introduced due to Apple’s own color scheme for its iOS devices.

    The acquisition and forward planning seems to be favorable for both as Apple continues to see success in a space it wasn’t previously occupying.

    Source: Mashable
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