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  • Instagram Announces Big Improvements to Instagram Direct Messaging

    Instagram is making some big changes to its 'Instagram Direct' messaging feature that users can access from the messages tray at the top right of the main page of Instagram. Instagram Direct originally launched in 2013 when users wanted a way to send only individual users photographs.

    Those of you that use Instagram probably already know how cumbersome it was to have a conversation with someone on Instagram. The service makes it so you can only send one photo at a time, and have to start a new conversation every time you want to send another photo. Today's announcement brings with it a feature that will do away with this outdated way of sending photos to individual people.

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    Threaded messages make it easier to go back and forth with the people you talk to the most. Instead of creating a new conversation every time you send a photo or video, your threads are based on the people in them — and your moments flow along naturally. We’ve also added the ability to name your groups, a quick camera feature to respond with a selfie on the fly, and larger-than-life emoji for when there are just no words.

    Today’s updates also bring a brand new way to start conversations around what you see on Instagram. When you find something inspiring or funny, your first instinct is often to share it with friends who you know will appreciate it. Today, people do this by @-mentioning friends in comments, so much so that nearly 40% of comments include an @-mention. This update has made it easier to share content that you love.
    In what Instagram is calling 'Instagram Direct v2,' Instagram will now allow you to take advantage of message threads where you can go back and forth with people, sending more than one photo in each conversation. This will bring Instagram much more up to speed with competing messaging services.

    What's more is Instagram is making it easier to start conversations one-on-one with individuals. Now, you can share images that you see in your News Feed with people on Instagram via Instagram Direct. This is done with a new arrow button that appears next to the like and comment buttons under photographs in your News Feed.

    Version 7.5 of Instagram for iOS is rolling out right now in the iOS App Store with this new features. You can download Instagram free of cost from the App Store at this link.

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