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  • Judge Prohibits Both Apple and Samsung from Filing Unless Given Permission by the Court

    One of the federal judges that preside over the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial laid down the law this week, prohibiting both parties from filing without permission after being inundated by a series of motions, objections and letters. The ruling was issued shortly after Samsung filed an objection to an Apple proposal for partial final judgment lodged after the Federal Circuit denied the South Korean manufacturer’s appeal of an order to pay out $399 million in damages.

    It should be noted that since Tuesday, the court has received a total of five filings from the two companies. The last filing was apparently what tipped the recent decision to stop filing unless given express permission by the court. Judge Koh had the following to say regarding the matter:

    The Court has not yet received the mandate from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Despite this, the parties have already filed a letter, two responses, an objection, and a motion. The parties shall not file any further motions, briefs, or letters with the Court until authorized by the Court.
    Samsung, on its behalf, is arguing that Apple’s initial letter was procedurally improper, noting that if the court took action it would violate federal rules, contradicting a previous ruling and “work a manifest injustice” by enforcing an invalid patent. Samsung was referring to a final decision invalidating Apple’s “pinch-to-zoom.” Apple is looking for a rehearing and if the Patent Trial and Appeal Board chooses to pass must file a Federal Circuit Apple.

    On its behalf, Apple is facing a non-final decision from the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Central Reexamination Division, which invalidated an iPhone design patent on multiple grounds.

    We’ll have to wait and see how the legal battle unfolds as the issues seem to be ongoing between the two tech giants.

    Source: AppleInsider
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