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  • New Study Reveals that Apple's Customer Service Appears to be Suffering in Q2 2015

    A recent study from market research firm, StellaService, reveals that there has been a rapid decline in Apple’s customer service capabilities from a slight slip in shipping fulfillment to longer wait times for online and phone support.

    As mentioned in the latest Stella Benchmarks report, Apple’s combined shipping, returns and customer support metrics landed it in 25th place overall for the second fiscal quarter of 2015. The report usually monitors and evaluates online retailers through daily performance evaluations. The recent results are a stark contrast to a third-place finish in the fourth quarter of 2014. It should be noted that StellaService recently modified its benchmark scoring methodology and was therefore unable to compare quarter-on-quarter results.

    As part of its new system, Apple ended up dropping to 14th place when it came to shipping online orders, which is a metric that was judged on correct product fulfillment, checkout issues, product damage during shipping, delivery time, among other criteria. The Cupertino California company also took 14th place when it came to returns, which was scored based on evaluations pertaining to refund authorization time, inclusion of packing labels, availability of prepaid packing labels and overall processing time, among other metrics. More importantly it took an average of 4.4 days to receive a fund for returned merchandise, which is nearly twice as fast as the collective performance of all other monitored electronic and media companies.

    One thing that was interesting was that the iPhone maker failed to rank as a top-25 company in areas pertaining to phone, email and chat services, all of which are typically areas in which Apple tends to excel in. Scores for these measurements were based in part on speed. When it comes to the second fiscal quarter, the time it took to reach a live representative by phone slowed down by roughly 30 seconds to 121 seconds, close to the segment average of 128 seconds. On the flipside, Apple did boost its issue resolution rates to 99%. When it came to chat, times increased to 63 seconds on average over the past quarter, which were up from 34 seconds in the previous quarter. Although chat availability remained at 100%, issue resolution rates fell from 97% to 94%. Though Apple’s chat wait time is roughly 20 seconds slower than the sector average, agent availability and issue resolution metrics seem to be much higher.

    Though this data is only from one study, we’ll have to see if Apple goes back and tries to fix any of these issues going forward as the company will likely see an influx of customer support queries, mainly attributed to the upcoming announcement and release of the next-gen iPhones.

    Source: StellaService via AppleInsider
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      unison999 -
      It is true.
      Currently it is 3.5 hours on hold time and still waiting.
      Heard Prince song at least 3 rotations on their hold music.