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  • More Closeup Pictures of Purported iPhone 6s Display Show Mysterious Chip

    The next-generation iPhones, which are figured to be called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, have been rumored to have Force Touch functionality, just like the Apple Watch and Apple's latest MacBooks, allowing users to press slightly harder on the display to activate an input gesture that can be used to perform actions on the iPhone itself.

    More software evidence revealed itself last night compliments of iOS developer Hamza Sood, who found references to Force Touch in iOS 9 code.

    But today, higher detail photographs shared by MacRumors reveal that the purported iPhone 6s display has a mystery chip embedded within it that isn't present in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus displays, which further supports the theory that the next-generation iPhone may come with Force Touch. As shown above, the chip hides underneath the flex cables that attach the display assembly to the rest of the iPhone's logic board and body.

    Below, you can see a comparison of the iPhone 6s display assembly (right) and the iPhone 6 display assembly (left), and you'll see that the iPhone 6 display assembly is absent of this mystery chip that has been rumored to control he Force Touch sensors:

    A recent video has shown this exact display assembly showing a gear icon when powered on with a Frankenstein mix of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s hardware and numerous other photos have shown proclaimed to show camera rings, Touch ID rings, and flex cables from the upcoming device.

    All of the clues are coming together, but could this be some other kind of technology that Apple plans to unveil when it announces the iPhone 6s? We'll find out in less than two weeks at the September 9th special event!

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. Jrsrusty's Avatar
      Jrsrusty -
      Can't wait till the 9th so all of these rumors are answered! One question though that I might have missed in a post. What is with the black square on the far bottom left of the new 6s that looks to be apart of the faceplate? Is is apart of the force touch also?