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  • Apple Watch Sapphire From Russia With Love

    European media outlets are reporting that the sapphire used in Apple Watch originates from an unlikely, or at least unexpected, location.

    Based on the latest chatter picked up by Sputnik News, the sapphire used for the popular smartwatch originates from Russia, specifically from a Russia-based company called “Monocrystal.”

    Monocrystal, however, is far from being a new kid on the tech block. The company, we're told, is a veteran maker of synthetic sapphire for a wide variety of devices produced by electronics companies the world over.

    In fact, the report in question notes, Monocrystal "has ended up ahead of Japanese competitors, taking the lead in the production of sapphire." And if the details shared in today's report are accurate, the company is one of only two primary suppliers of the sapphire wafers used to produce Apple Watch displays.

    Source: Sputnik News
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